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  • Accommodation abroad for international students can be broadly classified under two categories – On Campus & off Campus. On Campus is comparatively expensive than the other option and generally is without the meal plan therefore the most preferred option for international students is the off campus accommodation option. Off campus accommodation can again be broadly classified as Home stay accommodation, Peer accommodation and Share accommodation. Students can also go flatting if they want to opt so. Choosing the right accommodation will help you transition smoothly to university life, get into your studies and start building lifelong memories and friendships. we understand the importance of accommodation to your integration into the foreign community therefore we make sure that your accommodation options are finalized and booked even before you fly to your destination. Off Campus Accommodation can range between 3500/- to 5000/- INR a month.

VISA Support

One of the most important steps of Overseas Education Services is Visa Guidance. One should never undermine the importance of Visa application process as even students with good profiles get rejected for various reasons. More and more countries are revamping their Visa laws. Even visa rules concerning Student Visa applications are made stringent. Visa norms of every country is different and generally revolves around below mentioned cases.

  • Difficult Visa Application processing, Easy Interview process.
        • Easy Visa Application processing, Difficult Interview process.
        • Difficult Application processing, Difficult Interview process.

Needless to say, the third category is the worst case scenario and essentially be taken care of with meticulous planning. At Medical counselling service, we ensure hassle free and complete Visa Guidance be provided to the students during study abroad admission process. We have divided Student Visa Application process in following steps.

Study Abroad student visa comes in the last leg of the admission process and to say the least is the only thing standing between Student and Student’s dreams becoming true. Therefore, a thorough understanding of Visa norms of the country goes a long way in securing Visa, post interview. Student Visa process takes 1-2 weeks to about 4-6 weeks sometimes and hence students should try to finish the Visa interview within a week or so after getting I-20 or similar confirmation from the University depending on the country applying to.

In some cases students are not allowed to enter their study abroad destination or weren’t granted Visa, because the Program/Course session had already commenced and students had gone well past their deadlines. Students need to take the Vaccination while applying for study abroad in many countries and documents must be produced during Visa, Travel and accommodation options must be finalized in many countries and proof of such can be asked by Visa Officer. Medical counseling service (M.C.S) team prepares our student to tackle all these issues and many more by educating them about the Do’s & Don’ts.

Procuring all the documents is undoubtedly a quintessential step in Study Abroad student Visa process. All documents stated mandatory by the study abroad destination country during Visa must be arranged in Originals and multiple copies. In some cases, there are prescribed formats which needs to be adhered to while compiling those documents. Some of the common documents required for Student Visa are as following:

  • The letter of acceptance from the university.
  • Documents specifying duration of your studies.
  • Documents specifying any Scholarships awarded.
  • Documents specifying your travel plans(itinerary).
  • Documents specifying the course you’ve enrolled in.
  • Documents specifying your accommodation funding and arrangements.
  • Ddocuments specifying entire funding details, and a letter from your sponsor(Affidavit of Support).
  • Letter of recommendation from your college professor/school faculty detailing your progress as a student under their supervision. Those having work experience must get a Recommendation letter or Reference letter from their employer(s).
  • All previous degrees mark-sheets, certificates and transcripts detailing all the subjects taught to you in your college or school and marks secured.
  • Documents specifying your academic and non-academic achievements in school/college.
  • A copy of GRE, IELTS or TOEFL or PTE scores(notarized by lawyer).
  • Visa fee payment Receipt.

Once the documents are arranged and are in order, student or Medical counseling service(M.C.S) team will apply for the Visa and take a Visa Interview date. For most countries there is a pre-defined Visa fee and student has to pay the fee in order to get their Study Abroad student Visa processed. Visa process can be either:

  • Completely online or
  • Online application and offline(visa interview).

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